10 Reasons to Insure Your Health Today

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From the early 1980s until recently, private insurance has traditionally played a complementary role in social security.

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The prosperity of the state and its ability to cover the hospital and medical expenses of its taxpayers - as long as they were formal in their contributions - created a perception that private insurance was a luxury good. And it was! People, having secured their health, were not interested in a private contract. It was a surplus and let there be money.

As the years passed, however, the crisis hit the country hard and luxury became a necessity. The public sector began to lose momentum and with it began to appear the first signs of mismanagement that had taken place in recent years. Waiting in public hospitals has increased, shortages of supplies and medicines have become much more frequent and the situation in every state hospital has begun to resemble conditions of a third world country.

And that's when people started looking for alternatives. Solutions that will guarantee him a decent medical coverage in case of accident or illness. The complementary role της ιδιωτικής ασφάλισης άρχισε να γίνεται καθοριστικός and Insurance companies realizing the trend began to create products more economical and affordable to the needs of the world.


Why get another way out of its already overburdened and suffocating annual budget?

  1. First of all, private health contracts provide for their beneficiaries decent nursing and medical care away from bureaucracy and waiting for the public health system (If the insured chooses).

2. Your insurance company guarantees that will cover every expense of your treatment in all private and public hospitals in the countryup to the agreed liability ceiling (companies usually cover from 10,000 euros up to 1,000,000 euros).

3. A health contract of yours covers any outpatient costs of illness or accident in all diagnostic centers of the country. Quickly, immediately and without unnecessary delays as the public has become accustomed to.

4. Because we live in diverse Greece, if you are in an inaccessible area - on an island e.g. vacation or permanent resident - a health contract can get you ensure urgent air transport in case you need it.

5. The second opinion or the choice to be hospitalized and a doctor of our choice is everyone's right. That's why most of your Insurance Companies cover the costs of hospitalization and abroad (usually America & Europe).

6. In contact with your Insurance Consultant you can adjust the contract to your measures based on your needs and financial capabilities.

7. It covers most - if not all - of doctors' fees, like most surgeries (Your Insurer must be able to number them for you).

8. Do you want to use your Insurance Institution in a private hospital; You can! For more details you should ask your Insurance Consultant.

9. Do you not remember from the outside the coverage of your contract? That's why there is your Insurance Consultant. Ask him. His job is to advise and guide you.

10. And finally Gone are the days when the public could guarantee you any coverage in the event of an accident or illness.. Even if you are completely typical with your contributions. Just think how many times the doctor was not available, your urgent appointment was on the list for a few months or your exam machine was out of order.


You can stay in the "traditional model" and wait for the state to return to those glorious days that could meet all your needs or you are landing in the reality of today. A reality that underscores the common sense that no one will voluntarily take care of your health care except you. And let's pay huge sums every month to your fund. This is the harsh reality.



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