By mistake uninsured?

ασφάλεια αυτοκινήτου

Approximately 3,000 market executives estimate the errors that will arise from the intersections of AADE to locate uninsured vehicles. This is an extremely small number, as the percentage corresponds to 0.7% of all uninsured vehicles.

By Plato Tsoulos

Τα ίδια στελέχη προσθέτουν ότι στην πλειονότητά τους τα σφάλματα αφορούν:

  • in cases of vehicles which have been withdrawn from circulation and remain in the systems of the competent ministries, as a result of which they appear as uninsured
  • in vehicles which, while bearing an insurance mark, due to computer errors, their contracts did not "fasten" with the respective classifications
  • in vehicles which changed owner due to inheritance and some of their data were "lost" in the bureaucracy.

It is noted that AADE has posted on the internet a "road map" which describes the steps that must be followed by each owner of an insured vehicle that by mistake of the system appears as uninsured, in order to cancel the imposed fine.

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